Thursday, July 23, 2009

Installing Android NDK on Windows XP/Vista

What you need:

  • A Windows XP/Vista computer (yeah, u absolutely need it :)).
  • cygwin (make sure that make and gcc utilities are installed).
  • Android SDK 1.5
Steps to install:

  • Download the NDK from the Android developer site and unpack it to a disk location. I'm calling this NDK_HOME.
  • Startup cygwin and navigate to NDK_HOME.
  • Enter this command
  • export ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=NDK_HOME (note, use forward slashes '/' instead of the usual windows backslash. Remember that you are using a Linux emulation tool!).
  • Run this setup command.
  • bash build/
  • You should get a "Host Setup Complete" message if everything went properly.
You're done.

1 comment:

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